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Capgros Games at the #1 Annual APPS Day

Place – Col.legi Oficial d’Enginyers de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
Day – 2014/12/02
Subject – Android games monetization

FilesPowerpoint Slideshow (Catalan) | Conference audio (Catalan)

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aDonutConnect, the game.

We are proud to present our first game for Android devices.

Download linkaDonutConnect (Google Play)

Category – Puzle

Sinopsis – Dony, the character of the game, has serious problems with cholesterol and pastries. Help Dony reduce his levels with aDonuts, a new product low in calories and high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

To feed Dony you must group the aDonuts in pairs or trios of the same type (as indicated by the objective level) But you can only connect them horizontally or vertically (not diagonally).

To pass the level you must feed Dony all the aDonuts, and you will find that it will become increasingly difficult to feed him.

Some free time? Playing aDonut doesn’t make you fat! It’s free and it exercises your brain. What else do you need to give it a try?

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aDonutConnect credits.

Development – José Luis Vázquez.

Graphic design & sound fx – Manel López.

Music – Ignasi Franco

Original concept – Iván Cascales.

English translations – Chris Wright, Cassandra Shata, Lupita Colado, Ivanovich Games. French translations - Santiago García, Erick Tinsson.

Catalan translations – Margarida Valls.

Other translations – Ivanovich Games.

Collaborators – Araceli Marqués, Carol Martínez, Gerard Vázquez, José Salas, Marta Cachón, Manu Vázquez, Alba López, Albert González, Nil González, Luis Messeguer, Jacinto Vázquez, Anna Pitarch, Lourdes Mochales, José Santander, Andreu López, Jordi Boada, Mario Dorado,  Marco Antonio Regueira, Beni Jiménez, Josep Carmona, Jonatan Iturriaga, Héctor García, Guillem Marqués, Alexandra Marqués.

Special thanks – Ferrán Barjuan, Edu Salles, Alejandro Páez, Dolores Jiménez, Elisabeth Llovet, Toni Ramos, Belén Zabala, Xavi Gascó, Rafa Miró, Jordi Navarro, Pepe Salazar, Marc Martín, Javier Llorente, Roger García, Francesc Gilabert, Francesc Salvador,  Victor Manuel Carazo y a toda la gente que a buen seguro nos hemos dejado en el tintero, que en mayor o menor grado nos han ofrecido soporte, ayuda, sugerencias  o los ánimos para poder emprender esta aventura.

Thanks to all!!!!!!!!

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